Here are some questions we often get asked by Parents before they book with us. If you would like to speak to us directly we are always happy to help, so please feel free to call us on +65 6289 5888 or email us at

General FAQs

A: Booking closes one week before the start of each program, but we always say book programs early to avoid disappointment as they’re in big demand. If you do decide at the last minute, give us a call on +65 6289 5888 or email to see if we can help with registration.
A: Yes, although every circumstance is different. So give us a call on +65 6289 5888 or drop us an email at so we can discuss your child’s needs before we say yes or no.
A: Yes, you will receive information on your booking confirmation email one week prior to the program you have signed up for.
A: Yes, it’s very important to give us an up to date emergency contact number in your parent account in case we have to get hold of you. This can be a guardian if you’re away.
A: We have full-time security on campus and you may be asked for an ID when entering.
A: Not at all - we welcome students from different nationalities, schools and countries… the more the merrier!
A: We want all children to be as comfortable as possible – and so do they! But in some cases we will recommend what to wear depending on the program. This will be sent to you one week prior to the start of the program.
A: We have a great online system so all bookings can be made here on our secure form here: If you’re having issues signing up please contact our helpful team who’ll be pleased to help. Call +65 6289 5888 or email
A: Online via PayNow (Singapore customers) or credit card please - we use PayPal to process secure payments. If that’s not possible please contact us at +65 6289 5888 or email us at to pay through bank transfer or check.
A: Contact our bookings at who will be able to advise you accordingly.
A: You can sign up for as many activities as you like providing they don’t clash! Contact us at: for us to be able to advise you on this.
A: We will do our best to help your child make up 1 missed session (per term) by checking if there is another class available for him/her to attend during that week. There are no guarantees especially as we limit group sizes due to COVID restrictions. Please contact us at: to check.
A: Due to COVID our parent GET FIT bootcamps are on hold. Traditionally we have GET FIT Bootcamps every Saturday morning with our in-house Fitness Trainer - and it’s free! There are 2 classes from 8.00am - 8.45am and 9.00am - 9.45am.

A: There is no bus service available for the Camp Asia Academy. Parents and Guardians are required to drop and pick their child up accordingly.

A: Camp Asia Academy is available throughout the year. Depending on the program you are signed up for, dates will vary. If you would like more information on this, please contact us:

No prior experience is required! All Academies have a pathway that begins at 'beginner' level, so we welcome all who wish to join and we do not turn anybody away because of lack of experience or skill. We are open to anybody who loves sport and wishes to train and grow with us.

Of course! We welcome boys and girls alike to join us at our training sessions and they are entirely currently co-ed.

Weather & Emergency

A: Coping with the weather is part of the package with our outdoor sports like Soccer or Swimming. If there is no lightning risk, we will proceed with training as per normal, provided that the rain is not too heavy as to impede training.
Our main concern is with lightning risk. We take guidance from both information provided by the National Environment Agency (NEA), the school's lightening warning system, as well as weather observations at the site itself. In the event of Lightening or torrential weather, the Camp Asia Academy team will make the call to cancel and reschedule the Soccer or Swimming sessions. 

A: For haze conditions, we take guidance from the PSI readings published by the NEA, in particular the 3-hour PSI for Singapore and the West and Central regions of Singapore (as the case may be). Taking guidance from NEA and the practice of international schools in Singapore, we will take the following actions based on the last available 3-hour PSI reading before the start of training:
< 100: Training will proceed as usual.
> 100: Training will be moved indoors to Stamford Arena 

A: In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary. During our weekly program, essential medication must be handed to our coaches for safe-keeping. As we take our duty of care very seriously, all Camp Asia staff are certified in First Aid and CPR conducted by the American Red Cross and these staff have also undergone training in anaphylaxis management.

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