One-on-one sessions or small groups are perfect for athletes that want to grow their game outside of camps and practices.

These sessions are:

  1. INDIVIDUALLY FOCUSED: One-on-one or small group sessions to improve skills and increase confidence.
  2. SPECIFICALLY TARGETED: Improving all skills including sports IQ, foundation fundamentals, specific tailored workouts and sport principles.

The mission is for the players to enhance their initiative, development and creativity while having fun playing sport.


An intensive skill based training session for players looking for challenging workouts similar to NCAA D1 and NBA training sessions. Training sessions are tailored to improve different aspects of an individual's game - Coach Harry and Remus have participated many competions and are perfectly placed to advance any player's game. Using individual instruction, continuous repetitions & game situations, players will improve their overall skill set.

Please contact to check availability for individual sessions.


One-on-one and small group sessions are great for gymnasts who wish to work on specific skills that require more attention and focus than in a regular practice session. Specific drills and progressions will be taught to strengthen areas of weakness in order for the gymnast to perform the skill effortlessly.

Please contact to check availability for individual sessions with our pro Gymnasts.

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